Soundies: Black Music from the 1940s

From Internet Archives:
0:12:13 Delta Rhythm Boys in “Take the ‘A’ Train” (1941).
0:14:46 Fats Waller in “Your Feet’s Too Big (1941).
0:17:45 Count Basie Orchestra in “Take Me Back, Baby” (with vocal by Jimmy Rushing) (1941).
0:20:19 “Preacher and the Bear” featuring The Jubalaires (vocal quartet)
0:23:23 “Ring Those Bells” (Black children vocal quintet, unidentified; Possibly The Cabin Kids.)
0:24:22 The Ali Baba Trio in “Patience and Fortitude” (1946) (featuring Valaida Snow singing and playing jazz trumpet – with trio of guitar, bass and accordion!)
0:27:06 “Rocco Blues” featuring Maurice Rocco (piano and vocal)
0:30:00 Gloria Grey sings “Oh By Jingo” (looks later, circa 1950 or so)
0:32:42 “I Want A Man”, sung by Annisteen Allen and accompanied by Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra (huge big band)(1943).
0:35:36 Woman jazz harpist (LaVilla Tulos) playing “Swanee River” (a title list of Soundies has this entry as “Swanee Swing”).




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  1. So happy to hear good clean music really enjoyed saw the movie when my dad was stationed in germany brought back good memories my dad has passed on to glory and I nearly cried still missing him thank you for posting such agood memory of my past.

  2. The Cabin Kids clip is not from a Soundie.It is actually from their very first film appearance from a 20 minute comedy short from Educational Pictures titled "She my Lilly (I'm Her Willie)" from 1934.At the time of this film they were originally called THE 5 SPIRITS OF HARMONY and this was the way they were billed in this film.From their 2nd film on they were known as The Cabin Kids.The other songs they sang in this film were:"This Train" and 'Honey."

  3. Classic. From hollywoods golden era. Very rare! Impeccable talent. Thanks for posting, I have much respect for these artists who shined even in the face of all the burdens and predjudace that prevailed in that day. Love the cabin kids. Thanks so much for posting.

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