Lying Lips (1939) – Oscar Micheaux Film

A nightclub singer refuses to “date” customers, so she’s framed for the murder of her aunt, convicted of the killing and sent to prison. However, her friend, who is a police detective, doesn’t believe she did it and sets out to prove her innocence. – Summary written by

Cast (IMDB): Edna Mae Harris as Elsie Bellwood; Carman Newsome as Benjamin Hadnot; Robert Earl Jones as Detective Wenzer; Frances E. Williams as Elizabeth Green (as Frances Williams); Cherokee Thornton as John Landry; Slim Thompson as Clyde Landry; Gladys Williams as Aunt Josephine; Juano Hernandez as Rev. Bryson (as Jauno Hernandez); Henry ‘Gang’ Gines as Ned Green; Don De Leo as Farina, a club owner; Charles La Torre as Garotti, a club owner (as Charles Lattorre); Robert Paquin as District Attorney Eckert; George Reynolds as Lt. of Police (Donovan); Amanda Randolph as Matron; Teddy Hall as Young Boy.

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