Lucky Ghost (1942) [a.k.a. Lady Luck]

Two down-on-their luck friends suddenly hit the “jackpot” when they win the clothes, car and chauffeur of a rich man in a game of dice. They wind up in a sanitarium that’s being used as an exclusive, though illegal, gambling club and get mixed up with beautiful women, jealous gangsters and ghosts. – Summary written by

Cast (IMDB): Mantan Moreland as Washington; F.E. Miller as Jefferson; Maceo Bruce Sheffield as Blake (as Maceo B. Sheffield); Arthur Ray as Blackstone; Florence O’Brien as Hostess; Harold Garrison as Brown (as Harold A. Garrison); Jessie Cryer as Dawson; Napoleon Whiting as Chauffer (as Nappie Whiting); Jess Lee Brooks as Door Man (as Jessie Brooks); Ida Coffin as Hat Check Girl; Nathan Curry as Farmer; Millie Monroe as First Waitress; Louise Franklin as Second Waitress (as Louise Franklyn); Lucille Battle as Third Waitress; Avanelle Harris as Fourth Waitress (as Aranelle Harris); Monte Hawley as Masher (as Monty Hawley); Vernon McCalla as First Man Guest (as Vernon McCella); Harry Levette as First Man Diner (as Harry Lavette); Henry Hastings as Uncle Ezra’s Ghost; Florence Field as Mrs. Ezra’s Ghost; John Lester Johnson as First Ghost; Edward Thompson as Second Ghost (as Eddie Thompson); Lester Christmas as Third Ghost (as Leonard Christmas); Reginald Fenderson as Dealer (as Reggie Finderson); Lorenza Flennoy and His Chocolate Drops as Musical Ensemble (uncredited); Marguerite Whitten as (uncredited); Buck Woods as Bit Role (uncredited).

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  1. Crude, but undeniably funny if you're not overly sensitive. Mantan made a number of black other black cast films that are now lost such as "Mantan Messes Up" and "Mr. Washington Goes to Town." If this is an indication of what they were like, I'd love to see them.

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