Black and Tan Fantasy (1929) – Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington plays hot jazz in a fictional story that finds him down on his luck; he tries in vain to dissuade his friend, dancer Fredi Washington, from working with heart trouble even though it means work for his band. Sure enough, she collapses on stage… (Summary by Rod Crawford (

Cast (IMDB): Duke Ellington as Himself; Barney Bigard as Himself (clarinetist); Wellman Braud as Himself (bass player); Duke Ellington Orchestra as Themselves (as Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra); Joe ‘Tricky Sam’ Nanton as Himself (trombonist); Hall Johnson Choir as Themselves (uncredited); Edgar Connor as Piano mover (uncredited); Alec Lovejoy as Piano mover (uncredited); Fredi Washington as Herself – the Dancer (uncredited); Arthur Whetsol as Trumpet Player (uncredited).

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  1. "Duke… play me the Black and Tan Fantasy". If you are pushed for time, skip to 11 minutes; the final part of this video is an essential "point of no return" moment… be careful the cans aren't too loud for the concorde-like (clarinet?) take off sound before the final funeral music. Thank you Riverbends1.

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