Beulah (1952/08/05): The Waltz

The Hendersons are concerned when Miss Matilda, the instructor of Donnie’s dance class, reports that their son is a awkward klutz and the girls had to draw straws to see who would have be his dance for the annual dance recital. Beulah and Bill offer to show Donnie a few of their dance steps and soon Donnie is dancing the jitterbug with confidence and panache. Unfortunately Donnie’s date cancels at the last minute and the date Beulah finds for the youngster stands a full foot taller than the 10-year old. To make matters worse, Donnie’s new jitterbug skills don’t translate well to waltzing. Summary written by David Bassler. –

Cast (IMDB): Hattie McDaniel as Beulah; Ernest Whitman as Bill Jackson; David Bruce as Harry Henderson; Ruby Dandridge as Oriole; Jane Frazee as Alice Henderson; Stuffy Singer as Donnie Henderson; Sherry Anne Atkins; Iva Belle Clark; Emory Parnell; Anne O’Neal as Miss Matilda.

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  1. From the man who also gave you "MY LITTLE MARGIE" and Stu Erwin's "TROUBLE WITH FATHER", also filmed at Hal Roach Studios. Tom McKnight went on to produce William Bendix's "THE LIFE OF RILEY" for NBC; Richard (L.) Bare later directed numerous episodes of "GREEN ACRES"…

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