Knight of Wands – Khazar Bagathur

Hi everyone,

New painting!

Some time ago since i had the time to work on personal imagery. I have been swamped with freelance and i felt my personal creativity got a bit rusty, so i forced myself to pump this one out. I bought the ”Hermetic Tarot” deck after being blown away by the art, and prompted myself to create artwork inspired by the cards from the deck.

For this artwork, i was inspired by the ”Knight of Wands” card. My aim is to start pushing myself to make more of these, inspired by Tarot, and hopefully make a deck out of it eventually.

Art background: a ”Bagathur” (meaning hero in old Turkic) from Ancient Khazaria, around 800 AD, after their conversion to monotheism.

”We embrace our new god with every fiber of our being, and carry him closest to our heart, however, ancestral stirrings still speak to, guide our hand, teach our children, grow our crops, and defeat our enemies”.

Please let me know what you think! Always like to read comments.




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