John Henry

#A2Zcharacters day 21 Underdog

I’ve toyed with my setting idea Tex Arcanna for many years. The two most lasting versions have been a fantasy in the American Old West, and comic book/super hero type western (Jonah Hex/Two Gun Kid, etc). This character would be at home in either version. This is John Henry, a steel driving man. Legendary in his own right with his prodigious strength and durability,driving rail road spikes faster than any machine with his hammer. What happens when John Henry is gifted with the most famous hammer in mythology? This is one of my favorite ideas for this setting, as John Henry wields mjolnir.

How is he an underdog? Nobody gives him much of a chance when he’s challenged by Professor Faustus’ out-of-control steam powered steel driving automaton… but then, no one has ever seen John Henry unleash the full power of Mjolnir, either….


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